Santiago's way itinerary-Literary residences in Galicia

Uxio Novoneyra Foundation looks for young poets interested in Santiago’s Way and writing about Xacobeo pilgrimage

Uxio Novoneyra Foundation opens the application to itinerary poetic seconds residences in the Santiago’s Way, project included on “O teu Xacobeo” backed by Xunta de Galicia.The goal of Uxio Novoneyra Foundation’s residence project “Ámeto Mítico (Mitical Ambit)” is to update the legacy of the Trovadoresca Galego-Portuguesa poetry known by the influence of provenzal poetry and impact from sufi verses that came to Galicia through the Way. We would like to boost this legacy and partner with poets interested in the pilgrimage experience to spread the Camino de Santiago like a mythical field of research to keep writing verses about it.

Following the routes on Uxío Novoneyra’s book «Arrodeos de Desvíos do Camiño de Santiago”, well-known for modernizing trobadour poetry, we offer five (5) writing and poetic pilgrimage residencies along the Xacobeo route in Galician territory.

The itinerary residences will be held between 01/04/2021 to 10/04/2021.

More information:
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