21st July 2021

The power of visual storytelling by children

30 people from several European and international countries attended the “Education for Global Citizens, the role of Arts and Dialogue in the Wellbeing of Children” conference that took place last May. The photographer Mies Cosemans presented the event, which was organised by the teacher training department of the University Colleges Leuven Limburg.

Cosemans is specialised in social photography and visual storytelling. She regularly has exhibitions in art centers or publishes her work in magazines. She is very interested in children, how they look at the world and how they behavior in difficult times. Furthermore, she organized several workshops in schools focusing on story-telling by the children.

The Be (P)art team is convinced that arts have a big impact on the well-being of young people. It helps to express emotions, to build resilience and a sense of identity and belonging. To facilitate creative development, young people should have opportunities to work alongside artists and other creative adults.