10th May 2022

The Uxío Novoneyra Foundation presents the literary residencies ‘Escrita no remoto’.

The Novoneyra Foundation, with the support of the Provincial Museum Network of the Deputation of Lugo and the European Union launches the literary residencies program 'Escrita no remoto' in two spaces of the province closely linked to the biography and work of the poet from Courel: his birthplace in Parada and the Pazo de Tor, where there is still a room where Novoneyra stayed in a place he used to frequent in his youth. The aim of this initiative, which will be presented at the Pazo de Tor on May 18th at 19.00 hours by the provincial vice-president Maite Ferreiro and representatives of the Novoneyra Foundation, is to promote the memory and life of the literary world of Lugo by following the poet's trail through his beloved places and delving into the archival material available in these two unique spaces. Escrita no remoto' will select a writer interested in the memory and life of the rural world, who will spend a month in both locations, divided into 15 days in the Museo-Pazo de Tor and another 15 in the Casa-Museo Uxío Novoneyra, where she will be able to continue writing in the same places where the author compiled part of his work. The time of residence can be concentrated, preferably in May or June, as they are months marked by the Galician Letters or by the Day of the Archives, or divided into fortnights depending on the author's availability. The project will facilitate the participants' access to the archives of both entities, so that they can establish dialogues with them in their literary production. The Novoneyra Foundation decided to launch this initiative after several years of intense and continuous effort of digitalization and opening of its funds, which are a valuable source not only to access to Novoneyra's work, the life and history of the artist, but also to the life and history of the Mountain of Lugo through the Casa da Fonte or the Casa de Pacios, and also, with a gender perspective, to the life of the women of the mountain range with the Archive of Memory of the Women of Courel, promoted in recent years. On the other hand, and thanks to the collaboration with the area of Culture of the Deputation, the access to the archives of the Pazo de Tor, integrated in the Provincial Museum Network, is facilitated. The last years were marked by a renewed interest in the archives. Libraries such as Europeana and its affluent Galiciana managed to network the most diverse collections of European archives. At the same time, the cultural heritage and the participatory work of the communities became protagonists when rethinking the possibilities of the territory. In this context, community archives require concrete actions that favor new uses and readings of their collections in order to integrate them as living heritage of the community. After the initiatives developed by the two entities to activate the memory deposited in the archives, the literary residency 'Escrita no remoto' seeks that this knowledge can permeate the creative writing of the literary proposals of the people invited.