4th June 2021

On June 30, the participants of the literary residency at Faberllull in Olot will be announced

Monday, May 31 was the last day of the application period for the literary residency “Be (P)art. Grow with arts”, by PEN Català in collaboration with the Ramon Llull Institute, Faberllull in Olot, and the European Union.

34 applications were received from young emerging writers in Catalan, Galician, Hungarian, Dutch, and Serbo-Croatian. Candidates come from the member countries of the European project Be (P)art. Grow with Arts: Belgium, Hungary, and Serbia. In the case of writers in Catalan, 8 applications were received, 7 from Catalonia and 1 from the Balearic Islands. The distribution of applicants by language is as follows:

Catalan: 8
Galician: 7
Hungarian: 12
Dutch: 4
Serbo-Croatian: 3

We would like to underscore the high calibre of the candidates, which will certainly make the final selection very difficult.

On June 30, the names of those selected to participate in the residency will be announced. They will be chosen by a committee that includes representatives from PEN Català, the Roman Llull Institute, and the Faberllull residency in Olot, with the support of representatives of the members of the European project.