26th April 2022

The Novoneyra Foundation will present its new publication in the educational centers of the Courel Mountains.

On May 13, Uxío Novo and Nieves Neira will read at CEIP Uxío Novoneyra (Pedrafita do Cebreiro) and CEIP Poeta Uxío Novoneyra (Folgoso do Courel) some of the children's stories with which the poet recreated a fantasy world closely linked to the natural reality of the mountains where he was born and grew up.

If "receiving, keeping and doing" was the step that guided Novoneyra's path, when he had a full childhood in the high and lonely lands of Courel, he also wanted to offer in the story and carved language those first glances, adventures, dreams, and knowledge.

He called them Contos de Roxín Roxal and imagined them wrapped in buckets and manuscripts, lost and found. Three of them were published in the 1990s: O cubil do Xabarín (1990), Gorgorín e Cabezón (1992), Ilda, o lobo, o corzo e o xabarín (1998). The other four that accompany this volume (A cabana de Sancor, Lucín e as paxarelas, Colorín e Mirabrouco and Vagaface, Brumalión e o can de pedra) slept in a drawer of his native house, until they were found, almost as he himself imagined.