30th June 2021

Six European writers will take part in the literary residency “Be (P)art. Grow with arts”

The jury of the “Be (P) art. Grow with arts” literary residency - formed by Izaskun Arretxe (Director of the Literature and the Humanities Department of the Institut Ramon Llull), Àngels Gregori (president of PEN Català), Pepa Pasamón (head of the Faber-Llull residence in Olot) and Gemma Rodríguez (director of the Be Part Grow With Arts project) with the support of Helena Bijnens (UCL Limburg), Milena Béric (Association Krokrodil), Uxío Novoneyra (Uxio Novoneyra Foundation) and Ferenc Czinki (Szépírók Társasága Egyesület) - has unanimously determined that the beneficiaries of the residency will be:

Réka Borda. Hungarian writer, editor and translator who studied art and design at Moholy-Nagy University. She has participated in several anthologies and translations and has published poetry and children's literature. Her works include the children's story Dani and the firebugs and the anthology Lehetnék Bárki.

Alba Dalmau. Catalan writer. She studied audiovisual communication and a master's degree in Literary Creation at Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona. She has worked in several literary schools between Catalonia and New York and has published several works, including the collection of short stories El camí dels esbarzers and the novel Amor i no, both in Angle Editorial.

Pol Guasch. Catalan writer and teacher. He studied Literary Studies at the University of Barcelona (UB) and he specialized in the construction and representation of cultural identities at the UB and in contemporary literature, culture and theory at King’s College in London. He has published several academic works and his latest book is Napalm al cor (Anagrama, 2021).

Jovana Jovanovic. Serbo-Croatian writer and teacher. She studied Spanish philology and arts at the University of Kragujevac (Serbia), where she later worked as an associate professor. In 2020, the publishing house Nova Poetika published his first novel, Despectiva Rara avis.

Jens Meijen. Flemish writer, journalist, publisher and teacher. He writes on topics such as climate change, globalization, technology and inequality. His first collection of poems, Xenomorf, received the C. Buddingh Prize for the best debut in poetry in Dutch. He has worked as a journalist, editor and associate professor. He currently collaborates with several Belgian publications. In 2016, he was named the first young national poet in Belgium.

Ismael Ramos. Galician writer, cultural manager and teacher. He has studied Spanish Language and Literature at the University of Santiago de Compostela, as well as a master's degree in Literature and Culture Studies. He has been responsible for communication and coordination at Editorial Galaxia, as well as a bookseller. Not only that, but he has written poetry, anthologies and translations and is most recent work is the poem collection Lixeiro (Xerais, 2021).

The jury that made the final decision is fully aware that it had to reject very interesting applications that certainly would have been included if we had had more open spots. Moreover, the high level of most of the aspirants is a testament to the enormous talent that exists among young European writers. We want to encourage you to keep writing, despite all obstacles, and we wish to take this opportunity to wish you a successful literary career.