17th June 2021

“Reading while Running” at the Belgrade Marathon!

On the 6th of June 2021, the participants of KROKODIL Association's project “Audio-Marathon: Reading while Running” joined the 34th Belgrade Marathon. Thanks to the project, the participants had been preparing to run in different races on the Marathon for the past three months, with the help of professional fitness instructors and nutritionists. Throughout their training sessions, the participants listened to three audio-books as a way to engage more with culture and literature while enjoying physical activity. 

There were 6500 participants in total on the Marathon, and 15 people from "Reading while Running". The 3 books they were listening to were: "Lake Como" by Srđan Valjarević, "Nikuda ne idem" by Rumena Bužarovska, and "A Tomb for Boris Davidović" by Danilo Kiš.

On the Belgrade Marathon, the KROKODIL Association also handed out a special booklet for every marathon runner, with information about the project, photos from the training sessions, statistics from the focus groups, interviews with authors who run, interesting articles and a free audio-book version of the novel “In the Hold” by Vladimir Arsenijević.