17th June 2019

Engage! at the Project Fair 2019

This June, two representatives of PEN Català attended the international meeting "Project Fair 2019: European is beautiful", organised by the European Network of Cultural Centres. The meeting, which took place on 4th - 5th June in Lisbon, involving more than 50 organisations from over 15 European countries, was aimed at strengthening cooperation networks between European cultural organisations, as well as informing them on the different financing mechanisms of the European Union. The meeting also served to present the main results of the European project Engage! Young producers, led by PEN Català, where  attendees were invited to participate in the final meeting on 10th October in Barcelona.

On 5th June, a meeting was held between PEN Català, the University of Leuven-Limbourg (Belgium), Aarhus University (Denmark), the Hungarian Writers Association, and the Krokodile Association (Serbia). The main strategic lines of a future European project that PEN Català could be part of was decided at the meeting.

The European Network of Cultural Centres is a European network that is born to strengthen European cultural centres, enhance the training of their workers and defend equality, diversity, and sustainability in the cultural field