3rd May 2022

Petite PEN prize for a European initiative or organisation and its contribution to a more free and diverse children’s literature

In April of 2022, PEN Català is celebrating 100 years since its birth, and is doing so by looking towards the future with the announcement of a prize in the field of literature for children and young adult people. The aim of the reward is to recognise the contribution of a European entity, organisation, or initiative working towards creating a more free and diverse children’s and young adult literature.

Who can apply?
The prize is open to public or private entities and to initiatives promoted by groups who promote diversity, critical thinking, and who defend freedom of expression in the field of children’s and young adult literature. They may be associations, cultural centres, libraries, publishing houses, bookstores, literary festivals, schools, or groups of people who have come together for this purpose. Their focus may be to impact the creative process and its agents, the editorial process, education, translation, communication, or media. Diversity may be understood as ethnic, racial, generic, linguistic, or cultural diversity, and so forth. Censorship also includes self-censorship.
The candidates must be European (headquarters based in Europe).

Criteria to be applied:

  • the applicant’s trajectory
  • the innovation of the proposal
  • the context in which it is carried out and which makes its task more necessary
  • the impact achieved

The prize amount is 2,000 euros (taxes included).

Works can be submitted up to and including June 15, 2022.

How can you submit the candidacy?
You can submit the candidacy to pen@pencatala.cat
You need to submit (max. Length 3 pages):

  • CV of the candidate with special mention of relevant projects
  • A motivation letter explaining the main reasons for the candidacy

The verdict will be announced on November 15, coinciding with the 12th edition of the Children
and young adults Arts and Literature Festival (Festival de literatures i arts infantil i juvenil FLIC).