18th September 2019

PEN Català offers a cultural evaluation training session at IES Viladomat

The workshop on cultural participation and youth (LiterACTION), which will be held on October 10th at the CCCB, includes an innovative proposal in which 16 students of the social baccalaureate of the IES Viladomat of Barcelona will carry out its evaluation. This morning Nil Barutel (manager and cultural consultant) and Nicolás Barbieri (UAB IGOP) held a training session with the Viladomat students on how to evaluate a cultural activity. The speakers, both included in the LiterACTION program, gave them three areas of assessment to take into account: content, organization and values. 

This training activity has emerged from the collaboration between PEN Català and IES Viladomat in the project Engage!, through which the students have participated in other activities such as the focus group on reading in youngsters and the talk in charge of two representatives of the French publishing house created by young people, Turfu les Éditions.