8th July 2022

PEN Calalà Residency 2023 for Young Catalan and Palestinian Playwrights

PEN Català, in collaboration with the Ramon Llull Institute and Èter editorial services, is opening a call for applications to participate in a literary residency in Catalonia in April 2023, available to six young Catalan and Palestinian playwrights. Two years ago, PEN Català and the Ramon Llull Institute began a collaboration that resulted in the celebration of the Be Part. Grow With Arts residency for young emerging European writers and in a collective publication. Given the success of that first call, we have organised this new residency with a focus on the Arab world and specifically on Palestine literature and culture.

The residency seeks to support creative work in an interactive framework across the shores of the Mediterranean while fostering Catalan and Palestinian literature and culture. It will take place at Faber Llull d’Olot and is part of a wider programme of exchanges between Catalan and Arabic literature organised with the support of other cultural institutions.

The goal of the call is to offer a space for work, inspiration, and exchange. The residency will be organised with a double approach. The first is collective, prioritising interaction among the group of residents and facilitating meetings with various professionals in the field who will inspire and mentor. The second component will allow each resident to develop their theatrical project individually.

At the end of the residency there will be a dramatized reading and a collective digital publication that will include translations of excerpts from the works of the participating authors into Arabic and Catalan.

Who can apply?

- Catalan-language playwrights and Palestinian playwrights. Candidates must be under 35 years of age. 

- The language of communication during the residency will be English, so sufficient knowledge must be accredited. 

Consult the rules of the call for complete requirements:

 What is offered?

- Stay of 7 nights at the Faberllull d’Olot Residency with accommodation and full board 

- Round trip travel

- Travel Insurance (if applicable) 

- Participation in a dramatized reading and a joint publication with translations into Catalan and Arabic

- Meetings with professionals in the field 

When will the residency take place?

- From April 13 to 20, 2023 

Where will the residency take place?

- At the Faberllull d’Olot Residency (Girona, Catalonia, Spain) 

What is the deadline for submitting my application?

- September 7, 2022. The application should be sent to: pen@pencatala.cat with the subject line ‘Theatrical residency application’

Communication of results:

- The applications will be evaluated by an expert jury. Results will be made public on October 31, 2022 (*the organisation reserves the right to extend this deadline in case of a large number of applications).