11th October 2022

Imagining the future in collaboration with FLIC

On November 17, 18 and 19 we will imagine the future at the FLICPRO conference: round tables, talks, interviews, workshops, prizes, and much more for professionals and lovers of literature! We are embarking on this collaboration with FLIC, the Festival of Children’s Arts and Literature, to celebrate one hundred years of PEN Català’s history by looking towards the future.

On the 17 th of November we are participating within the framework of FLICPRO. If you are a PEN member you will receive a 50% discount for your FLICPRO entry ticket.

We will begin the day with an opening luncheon and the presentation of the Petit PEN award. From 2 pm there will be a non-seated meal at a cost of 8 euros. The Petit PEN award for children’s and youth literature is given to a European organisation or initiative for its contribution to a freer and more diverse literature.

At 4 pm we will continue with the round table “Who will write the future?” with Montse AyatsLaura Huerga, and Júlia Baena, moderated by Anna Guitart. They will discuss the main challenges that will determine the future of our literature: feminism, ecology, diversity, censorship…

At 5:30 pm Quim Carbó and Tina Vallès will discuss “The challenge of writing for children and youth,” moderated by David Guzmán. We will consider the evolution of the profession and its readers, and how we imagine the future of literature in an epoch of changes marked by digitalization and technology, as well as by the vindication of
difference and by the increasing polarization of society.

To conclude the day, we will have a conversation with Ledicia Costas and Ana Pessoa, moderated by Esteve Plantada, at 6:45 pm. Costas (Galicia) and Pessoa (Portugal) are two multi award-winning authors who have written, with sincerity and humour, open and transgressive stories that captivate their audience.

To round out the day we will have a closing drink.

On November 19, within the FLIC conference framework, Cristian Olivé will lead a workshop, “Creation as a tool of mediation,” in which we will describe real classroom experiences that encourage written creation from a competency point of view. We will analyse proposals in which reading is experienced immersively, as students turn it into a transversal tool: they learn, think about what they’ve learned, connect it to other issue around them, and translate it into a new language by using their creativity. With a cost of 25 euros general entrance plus the workshop.