10th October 2017

First meeting of Engage! in Brussels

Last October on the 4th, a representation of PEN Català travelled to Brussels to attend the first meeting with the beneficiaries of the Creative Europe 2016. Creative Europe is a highly competitive European Union programme which aims to promote the cultural and creative sectors. This year, the Engage! Young Producers project, Building Bridges to a Freer World, led by PEN Català and with the participation of partners from England, Poland and Sweden, has been selected among more than 400 projects submitted to the call. The meeting served to report on the administrative and financial aspects of the project to the beneficiaries, as well as to facilitate networking among the European cultural organisations that were attending.

At the meeting, the programme for the European Year of Cultural Heritage was presented. It will be held in 2018 and will promote heritage as a shared resource for Europe’s future. The commemoration is promoted by the European Commission, with the active participation of cultural heritage organisations and other prominent agents of the cultural sector, including international culture networks, NGOs and cultural associations.

Engage! is a cultural project of European scope led by PEN Català that wants to promote the participation of young people in cultural and literary life as a form of empowerment and promotion of critical thinking, and to create a better understanding of a multicultural world. Within the framework of the two-year project, cultural activities have been programmed in several European cities in collaboration with festivals, local cultural institutions, city councils and secondary schools.