10th April 2019

Festival in a day!

Are you prepared to hand over the Festival? On 11th May, join a group of young change-makers as they explore social activism and create a space to question ideas and controversies.

Handover is a brand-new festival in a day programmed and promoted by young people, featuring dynamic events which explore our social-political climate and the power words have to instigate real change. This initiative is one of the Engage! Young Producers projects, managed by the National Centre for Writing.

The NCW program team have been supporting a group of 15 x 14-17-year-olds from across Norfolk, to design and deliver a literary festival in a day on the theme of social activism. The group has taken a lead in all parts of the process, from inviting artists, to marketing and budgeting and finding a venue. It’s been an exciting year taking this group of inspiring young people on the programming journey, and they are full of innovative ideas and creative energy, paving the way for more young people to take on the arts scene and keep the torch burning.

From live performances to panel debates, these events are intended to challenge taboo and create a safe space to broaden your horizons.

See the entire program here!