25th February 2021

Erasmus students from the Design Thinking course at UCLL investigate the impact of arts on children

In Belgium a group of international students, enrolled in the UCLL, have chosen to apply  Design Thinking methodologies on several Be (P)Art topics. A mixed team of management, technology, healthcare and education students will investigate and create an end-product based on the following questions:

  • How important is the role of Arts and Dialogue in society, to enhance empathy, mutual understanding and a sense of belonging among diverse groups?
  • How  important is this for children and is there an impact on their later lives?

Important aspects in the design thinking process are idea generation through brainstorming and convergent thinking, empathic design and prototyping. In our case, the end-product can take any artistic form whatsoever (mixed media, photography, game, videoclip, …)

We are very much looking forward on what the result will be of this student assignment! Would you like to participate in an interview with these students? If yes, please contact Helena.bijnens@ucll.be