20th April 2022

Educational package “Imagination and Well-being” soon to be released!

Artistic experiences for children and youngsters can take many forms: creation, contemplation, and story-telling. They are important to:

  • sparkle imagination
  • enhance empathy
  • stimulate creativity
  • contribute to self-development
  • augment well-being
  • help to expression of feelings

With this in mind, UCLL developed many different artistic activities, that teachers and educators can implement in their daily practices. The activities that we developed include a mix of storytelling, reading, photography, and drawing. Our educational package includes lesson plans entitled:

  • Art detective (contemplation of visual arts)
  • More than words (interpretation of poetry)
  • We are all heroes (photography and storytelling)
  • Drawing and writing on roadmaps (drawing and creative writing)
  • Loose words poetry (creative writing)

All materials will be released on 1st June on the BE(p) Art website.
They can be used and adapted freely for non-commercial purposes, with a reference to the BE(p) Art project.