15th October 2019

“Contuberni FAE” at L’Horiginal

On 10th October, L’Horiginal hosted Contuberni FAE (Liberation of Scripture Front), an interdisciplinary event around Engage's writing.

Up to 45 people enjoyed the performance of renowned artists such as David Ymbernon, Catalina Girona, Andrí Antonovskyi, Imma Pla, Marta Darder or Piromana d’Argos; as well as the poetic recital that the Engage! and Lectures en Ruta youngsters offered, between them Grace Murray, Tom Frere-Jenkins, Magda Lukasik, Amelia Platt, Ona Salvat and Margalida Calahorro. The event was presented by Àngels Gregori and conducted by Esther Xargay.

The performances at L’Horiginal were framed within the planned activities for the Engage! closing, as well as LiterACTION at CCCB or the literary route for the Engage! participants.