8th July 2022

“Contemporaries In The Schools”, a Szépírók Társasága Project

The second phase of BE(p)ART educational project by the Society of Hungarian Authors has ended this June by increasing the number of schools participating and beside secondary schools involving primary schools from the same cities all over the country and organising seminars and conferences for the next generation of teachers at universities. At the this point the total number of educational institutes participating reached 15 from cities as Budapest, Székesfehérvár, Ajka, Pécs and Debrecen. During the second phase the Society made successful efforts to reach the youth of local Hungarian minorities in Belgium, Luxemburg, Germany, Slovakia and Romania. Getting closer to 100 organised events involving students from all over the country and abroad as well BE(p)ART will enter it’s third and final phase opening with in a summer at a youth camp and with the continuation of our activities in the above mentioned educational institutes from September to December 2022.