8th July 2022

“Contemporaries At The Festival”, a Szépírók Társasága Project

The realization of the BE(p)ART project will continue this summer with the participation of Hungarian authors at Gombaszög Summer Camp (Slovakia). The current educational programme of the Society of Hungarian Authors comes to life with support from the European Union. The Gombaszög Summer Camp is a camp for young Hungarians in the historical region of Upper Hungary, where besides the numerous programmes for building the community, the arts also play an important role. Besides musical performances, handicraft activities and theatre performances, the campers will have the opportunity to also take part in literary programmes in the Grendel tent, which became a new meeting point for the literature of Upper Hungary last summer, organised by Dorka Mucha and Ferenc Czinki. During the days of the summer camp István Pion slammer, poet, writer and editor will run a creative writing workshop series for previously selected young emerging authors, and among the artists participating in the open discussions and readings you can find such names as Attila Baksa-Soós experimental artist, András B. Vágvölgyi journalist, Eszter T. Molnár, Rita Halász and Zsófi Kemény writers.