8th September 2020

A school report in Pandemic times

As a response to the Coronavirus Pandemic, the Bridge England Network initiated a National School Survey to gather indicative information from schools about the potential needs and creative aspirations for their pupils from autumn 2020 onwards. The aim was to identify how Bridges and the cultural sector might best support schools moving forward.

The ten Bridge organizations, one for each region of England, exist to foster quality creative and cultural learning opportunities for children and young people wherever they may live. A total of 529 individuals, from all ten Bridge regions, completed the survey and all the responses were collected and summarized in a report which is divided into six sections:

1) The introduction.
2) The description the profile of the survey respondents.
3) The summary respondents' reflections on teaching and learning during Lockdown.
4) The questions relating to the likely situation in schools in the new academic year.
5) The staff training needs.
6) And the conclusions.