30th September 2021

45 refugee writers from around the globe have sent their works to the Roissy-en-Brie poetry price

Great reception of the new poetry prize organized by PEN Català in the framework of "Be (P)art. Grow with arts" with the aim of recognizing the literary talent of people who have been forced to leave their country of origin.

PEN Català received 45 works by refugee authors from different parts of the world such as Egypt, Eritrea, Ghana, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Syria, Palestine, Cuba and Venezuela, among others. All the works have been presented in the respective languages ​​of each participant, among which are Arabic, French, Bengali, Spanish, English, Persian or Tigrigna.

The verdict will be announced on November 15, coinciding with the International Day of the Imprisoned Writer and with the events organized on the occasion of the Veu Lliure-PEN Català 2021 award.